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Shoot Up - For increased photosynthetic activity and profuse folliaage

Shoot Up - Liquid formulation for prevention of premature flower and fruit drop and abscission layer formation
  • Shoot Up is a unique liquid formulation of Biotechnology Resource Centre for all types of fruit plantations, crops and ornamentals.
  • Made from humic bacteria which get absorbed by the leaf system.
  • Contains useful micronutrients and hormones in balanced proportions.
  • Brings about overall improvement in the quality and quantity of fruits.
  • Increases photosynthetic efficiency resulting in profuse foliage.
  • Prevents premature flower and fruit drop by preventing abscission layer formation.
  • Reduces the overall consumption of pesticides.
  • Can be sprayed along with diluted pesticides.


For mango, cashewnut, coconut, and beetle nut, dissolve 30 ml of Shoot Up in 15 litres of water or 40 ml of Shoot Up in 20 litres of water and spray or allow to drip. (Shake bottle before use and avoid sprays in the early morning. As far as possible use 15 days after application of Growzyme).

Stages in plant growth
Period of application
Shoot Up1

Nursery–bed (0-1 year)
Nursery–polybag saplings
(0-1 year)

Twice a year
Twice a year
Shoot Up21-30 years and above4-5 times from October-March

Shoot Up has unique twin advantages that it can be given at the base i.e. it can be easily incorporated in a drip irrigation system. Alternatively it can be administered as a foliar spray.


Date palm laden with fruit - nourished by Shoot Up
A date palm tree laden with fruit

For the plantations where normal dose of solid fertilizers or manures is given in the soil
Shake the contents of the bottle thoroughly and add 1 ml of Shoot Up to 500 ml of clean water. Then this mixture can be sprayed on the plantations with either hand sprayer or administered in the sprinkler system.  While spraying, care is to be taken that foliage is thoroughly wet. It is to be noted that sprays should be administered only in morning and evening. Spraying to be avoided in very hot sun.

For one acre plantations normally 1 litre bottle of Shoot Up is sufficient for 3 administrations. These sprays should be administered after gap of 25-30 days.  It is advisable to use Shoot Up in the dilution of 1: 200 for horticultural crops to get bumper quality yield. Minimum 3-4 sprays of Shoot Up are recommended to be sprayed with an interval of 25-30 days to get the optimum results.  Alternatively if a drip irrigation system is in existence in the farm, then Shoot Up can be administered in the same proportion through drip system.

A pistachio plantation at Karajz, near Tehran, Iran treated with Dr. Repel and Free Weevil.

For plantations where the normal dose of solid fertilizer or manure is not administered in the soil
Mix 1 ml. of Shoot Up with 50 ml. of clean water and spray or drip as convenient in a similar fashion mentioned above.  Thus three bottles i.e. 3 litres of Shoot Up will be required for a 1-acre plantation.

1 litre and 5 litres HDPE jerry cans packed in corrugated master cartons.

2.5  years from the date of manufacture.


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