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Biotechnology Resource Centre's scientific team consists of several scientists in the multidisciplinary field of biotechnology under the dynamic leadership of the founder directors. In addition there are quite a few research associates who are working for their doctorate degree in some of the leading agricultural universities in the country.

BRC has its own plantations and 9 satellite production centres in several parts of the state - each fully self-reliant and resourceful. BRC's market base exists primarily in states of Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and Karnataka. This has been achieved due to the efficient distribution network of BRC and the relationship established with the farming community with the help of our distributors like Yog Sanjeevani Enterprise, Shalak Agrotech, Shivratna Marketing, Four Seasons Biotech, Biogrow Systems and many others.

Similarly, BRC has spread its wings abroad in many countries through the competent efforts of our Vice Presidents.


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