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Flee Weevil

Protect your plantations from wide spectrum of weevil attacks such as Rhynchophorus Schach and ferrugines with Flee Weevil

Flee Weevil is an excellent liquid formulation of Biotechnology Resource Centre which protects all types of plantations from wide spectrum of weevil attacks. It is particularly effective against palm weevils such as Rhynchophorus Schach and ferrugines. Flee Weevil is equally effecive against Jassids, Aphids, Leafhoffers, Leafminers, White Flies and Mealybugs. Yet, Flee Weevil is completely non-destructive to all useful microflora in nature.

Flee Weevil is made by a state-of-the-art biotechnological process from the fermentation of useful microorganisms such as Trichoderma and Trichograma species along with specific herbal extracts.

  • Flee Weevil is devoid of any chemicals.
  • Flee Weevil has no obnoxious odour and its application is not only easy but also pleasant.
  • Flee Weevil is 100% safe and environment friendly.
  • Flee Weevil can be applied to all types of plantations that are prone to attacks by wide
  • spectrum weevils.

Directions of use:
Normal rate of dilution: 1 ml in 150 ml water in form of foliar spray.
For Weevil infested plants: 1 ml in 50 ml water in form of foliar spray. Infested portion of the plant can be thoroughly wiped with clean cloth soaked in concentrated Flee Weevil solution.

Thorough coverage of plants including upper and lower side of foliage is necessary for effective repelling effect.

Frequency of application:
In normal conditions repeat the above dosage at 7-10 days interval. For heavy infestations, repeat the treatment at least 3-4 times every week.


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