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Bio-repellent for agriculture - Dr. Repel

Biotechnological repelllant for protection against wide spectrum bacterial and fungal plant pathogens

Dr Repel:

  • A unique liquid formulation which protects plants from attacks of wide spectrum bacterial and fungal plant pathogens.
  • Made by state-of-the-art biotechnological process from fermentation of useful microorganisms along with specific herbal extracts.
  • Dr Repel has no chemicals.
  • Devoid of obnoxious odour and its application is not only easy but also pleasant.
  • 100% safe and environment friendly.
  • Can be applied to all types of fruit plantations, crops and ornamentals.

Mode of Action:

Dr Repel is a plant protector which keeps all baterial and fungal infections away from plants. It has no residual activity. It inactivates pathogenic microorganisms. It is slow release and afer a couple of days the bacterial and fungal infections will vanish from the affected plantations.


Dr Repel is indicated for a wide range of bacterial and fungal diseases like Pythium, Phytophthora, Leaf mold, Powdery mildew, Downey Mildew, White and Gray Mold, Black Rot, Basal Stem Rot, Fruit Rot, etc. It is observed that Jassids, Aphids and leaf hoffers run away after the application of Dr Repel. Yet, Dr Repel is friendly to all useful microflora in nature.
In short, Dr Repel provides relief from most of the commonly occuring diseases in plantations.

Active Ingredients:

Specific biotechnological microorganisms and medicinal herbal extracts in specific proportion.

Direction of Use:

Proportion of dilution: 1 ml in 250 ml water as a foliar spray. Thorough coverage of infested plants including upper and lower sides of the foliage is necessary for effective control.
Dr Repel can also be used as a seed dresser to prevent infection of soil pathogens to the root system. Seeds can be soaked before germination for 1 hour in Dr Repel. Similarly, Dr Repel can also be used while transplanting the seedlings.

Frequency of Application:

7-10 days interval.

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