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Biotecchnology Resource Centre

Biotechnology Resource Centre (BRC) was launched in 1983-84 to introduce biotechnology@work in Indian industry by Dr. Sudhir D. Ghatnekar and Mrs. Anjali S. Ghatnekar. Since then, BRC has played a significant role in motivating several industrial houses to diversify into the lucrative field of biotechnology.

Plant care

BRC has extended its services and resources not only to large industrial houses but also to medium scale and small enterprises. In fact, the commitment and dedication of BRC has opened new vistas for several unemployed youths to set up their businesses in mushroom culture, vermiculture and biofertilizers.

Fifteen years of quality research has helped BRC to provide sustainable technology for effluent treatment to a wide variety of industries. All these technologies are based on biological osmotic filtration principles, which have been found successful beyond doubt by the experiments and trials carried out by the highly qualified researchers at BRC like Drs. Mahavash F. Kavian, Gautam S. Ghatnekar,  Mandar S. Ghatnekar and Mr. Sumukh S. Ghatnekar.


BRC has developed expertise in conducting pre-feasibility studies, evaluation and assessment of biotechnology projects, technology development and transfer, design and execution of projects on turnkey basis. BRC has also developed considerable expertise in trouble-shooting in on-going projects and supplying detailed engineering for diverse biotechnology projects.


Today BRC can boast of being one the pioneering consultancy organizations, the only one of its kind with full-fledged research and industrial base in India. BRC has taken a lead in several lucrative areas of biotechnology. BRC has successfully completed projects in the following areas of biotechnology in India and abroad.

  • Vermiculture Waste Treatment
    BRC has a developed a world-class earthworm breeding program and has been maintaining a vermiculture bank at its Badlapur research center since 1983. The starter cultures for some of the earthworm strains were obtained from Colby's Research Farm, North Carolina, USA and Philippines Earthworm Research Center. BRC has developed a state-of-the-art vermiculture treatment technology for effluent treatment for various industries. The technology uses the novel three-tier approach inclusive of earthworms, microbes and enzymes for waste treatment. The advantage of this technology is that the treated waste is a high-quality soil conditioner that fetches a decent price in the market. Vigorous research efforts of the BRC scientists on vermiculture technology has helped it to develop a top of the line technology for the production of very high quality solid and liquid biofertilizer products.
  • Mushroom Culture Tissue Culture
    Dr. Sudhir D. Ghatnekar did pioneering work in the development of mushroom culture as an industry in India. Since 1971 Dr. Sudhir D. Ghatnekar has helped set up a number of small and medium scale mushroom culture units in Western Maharashtra. Today BRC is ready to implement technology modules for different mushroom culture enterprises from small to large-scale production.
  • Cattle Poultry Feed
    The diverse research activities and multi-disciplinary experience of its research staff has helped BRC develop new product applications for its core technology areas. Thus, BRC has helped develop products in the form of cattle and poultry feed based on vermi-protein and enzymes.
  • Industrial and Medical Enzymes, Immunodiagnostic Kits
    Since its inception in 1983-84, BRC has initiated efforts to develop technology for commercialization of enzyme production. The Indian consumer today is environmentally conscious and demands environment friendly products. The need for the use of enzymes in conventional processes was identified by BRC back then. Today, it has the distinction of having transferred technology and completed many turn-key projects for production of industrial enzymes, medical enzymes and immunodiagnostic kits.
  • Biopesticides and Pheromones
    The indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides and their harmful effects on natural environment were addressed by BRC by the development of unique and highly effective biopesticides. This technology is unique and latest. Products based on this technology have proved very effective in the field and have done exceptionally well in the domestic as well as foreign markets.
  • Agro-forestry Fisheries; Treescaping, Landscaping
    BRC's core understanding of botanical principles has empowered it to implement projects in agro-forestry, treescaping and landscaping.
  • Beverages and Wines
    The use of fermentation technology for wine production is yet another of BRC's area of key expertise, which has been successfully employed for wine production.
  • Bioinformatics
    BRC has kept itself abreast of latest developments in the filed of biotechnology and has now acquired competency in the cutting edge areas of bioinformatics.
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BRC begins by understanding you, your available resources and your projected needs. Then BRC identifies the most appropriate technology and if need be, modify and adapt it to your needs, and then target not just the domestic but also the global market.

BRC is keen to see technologies change hands and develop business on an international level. BRC keeps pace with the latest developments in technology and helps you by making an integrated plan for corporate diversification,
making techno-economic feasibility reports,
transfer of technology for import or export substitution, organizing local market, trouble-shooting and constant updating of technology and floating new ventures on turnkey basis for young unemployed youth.

All these diverse and useful technologies needed for the country are developed by a team of national and international research scientists at BRC's Research Centre at Badlapur. The infrastructural facilities include well-maintained field laboratory of two acres, sophisticated instruments, spacious microbiological and biotechnological laboratories housed in geodesic domes, a reference library and information technology facilities.

BRC also conducts study-reports in the Indian economy, industry, agriculture, health-care profiles, market/demand surveys, etc.


Biotechnology Resource Centre has come up with innovative and inexpensive solutions to the problems of effluent treatment. An approach that combines the versatility of conventional biological treatment and vermiculture has been developed and successfully implemented in treatment of wastes from twenty-seven industrial units from diverse industries as follows

Vermiculture based waste treatment

  • NOCIL, Thane, Maharashtra.
  • Paper Packaging Ltd. Shimoga, Karnataka
  • Vippy Solvex Industries Ltd., Dewas, M.P.
  • Umbred Agro Complex Ltd., Nagpur, Maharashtra.
  • Montari Industries Ltd., Chandigarh.
  • Orient Vegetexpo Ltd., Nashik, Maharashtra.
  • Chromatic Dyestuff Industries Ltd., Chiplun, Maharashtra.
  • Indo-Dane Textile Industries Pvt. Ltd., Panipat, Haryana.
  • Grasim Industries Ltd., Birla gram, Nagda, M.P.

Industrial Enzymes and Mushroom Culture

  • Aarti Industries Ltd. Vapi, Gujarat.

Biotechnology Project Reports

  • MVIRDC, World Trade Centre, Mumbai.

High-value Biofertilizers

  • Marson Biocare Pvt. Ltd., Tenkasi, Tamilnadu.
  • Zoom Biofertilizes Pvt. Ltd., Kolhapur.
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